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Sponsor One child for a month: £10

Did you know Malawi has one of the highest rates of child malnutrition,
with many children and babies suffering from growth stunt, weakness, starvation, and disease. Mothers are unable to provide both themselves and their children with adequate nutrition due to chronic poverty.
We have set up feeding stations in various villages to provide daily nutritious meals to children that are freshly cooked by our maids. These meals help combat hunger and provide these children with the right nutrition to allow their bodies to develop.
Since the start of this project children now visibly look more healthier, are more
attentive in classes and do not sleep hungry.

Sponsor One Baby for a month: £10

During a visit to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Malawi, our team saw many malnourished babies admitted in the wards due to starvation. In response, we launched our Baby Food Distribution project which includes enlisting mothers with their newborns to our monthly distribution list. Each mother receives a month’s supply of baby food every month until their baby has weaned off baby food.

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