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£30 for a live goat

In rural villages it becomes increasingly difficult to obtain an income for a small family, widowed mothers, and orphans. Somewhere in a destitute village, lives a wounded mother who cannot provide milk for her starving child. The closest source for clean water or essential supplies means walking for miles, something which she struggles to do due to having to bear the weight of her child under the direct heat of the sun. For just £25 you can gift a live goat to a poor family in the rural villages which will benefit disadvantaged mothers by providing their malnourished children milk or the opportunity to sell the milk and breed the goat to produce more livestock.


Aqiqah Boy (2x Goats): £50

Aqiqah Girl (1x Goat): £25

Offering Aqiqah is a sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad and it involves the sacrifice of two goats (for boy) or one goat (for girl) and the meat distributed to the disadvantaged communities. Aqiqah is usually done on the 7th day of the birth of the child but can be done at any point after the birth of the child. Celebrate the birth of your child with Green Crescent Aid UK who will be honoured to fulfil the Aqiqah on your behalf and distribute the meat to the villagers in rural Malawi. Full feedback of the Aqiqah is provided upon completion.

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